Ingress Enlightened Egypt

Enlightened Egypt

Welcome to the info board of the Egyptian Enlightened faction of the augmented reality game Ingress.

Verified enlightened players will be granted access to these channels:

dihydroxytoluene | Group Chat | (579) 998-0798

If you are playing for the Egypt Enlightened and aren't verified so far,
please complete the 2816931480

Got questions?

These manuals bear a helping hand:

Enlightened Egypt Approval

To verify your 'Enlightenment', please share at least your current level, ingame alias, main area and your eMail:

Please select your level.

Please complete all marked fields.

Please check the mail address.

Please add me to:

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This tool was built by the Munich Enlightened in January 2013 to ease the management and approval of new community members. It shall be used by the Enlightened in other regions too and can be downloaded for your own server. For more info please visit

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Karim Nour
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We do respect your right to privacy. Any information we obtain through your use of this site will be kept within the team that organizes the Egyptian game play. We will not sell or share information about you. We make every effort to only ask for information that is germane to you playing the game Ingress. If you are uncomfortable with providing a piece of information to us, please don't use this site. If you have further questions please get back to us:

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